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The 2015-16 season comes to an end!

With the conclusion of the 2015-16 season it is time for a summer break. Thanks to all who have made our website a success. We are looking forward to bringing you all the news from around the NWOAL during the 2016-17 seasons.  Have a GREAT SUMMER!

Storeholder State Champ!!!

Delta's Bailey Storeholder captured first place in the 100 meter dash at the Division III State Track and Field meet Satuday morning with a time of 10.94.  Congratulations to Bailey!!!

Other finals finishes:

Montpelier's Dylan Snyder finishes fourth in the 110 hurdles at the Division III State Track and Field meet Saturday with a a time of 14.72.  Congratulations to Dylan!!!

Liberty Center finishes in 7th and Montpelier 8th in the 4x200 meter relay at the Division III State Track and Field meet Saturday with times of 1:32.14 and 1:32.29 respectively.  Congratulations Tigers and Locomotives!!!

Liberty Center's Olivia Kundo finishes third in the 800 meters at the Division III State Track and Field meet Saturday with a time of 5:00.06.  Congratulations Olivia!!!!

Archbold's Jack Fisher finishes third in the 400 meters at the Division III State Track and Field meet Saturday with a time of 49.54. Congratulations Jack!!!

Archbold's Dakota Stamm finishes fourth in the 400 meters at the Division III State Track and Field meet Saturday with a time of 58.00. Congratulations Dakota!!!

Montpelier's Dylan Snyder captured the 300 hurdles at the Division III State Track and Field meet with a time of 37.98 Congratulations Dylan!!!

Wauseon's Ethan Baker finishes 12th in the discus at the Division III State Track and Field meet Saturday with a throw of 150'5". Congratulations Ethan!!!

Wauseon's Kallie Strauss finishes 16th in the shot put at the Division II State Track and Field meet Saturday with a throw of 34' 2.75". Congratulations Kallie!!! 

State Track and Field meet DAY 2

Shot put: Kalllie Strauss (Wauseon)  9:30am

High jump: Gunnar Oakes (Swanton) 9:30am

Discus: Ethan Baker (Wauseon) 9:30am

100 meters: Alex Dolan (Bryan)  Lane 7

1600 meters: Kyle Vernot (Wauseon) 3-6A

4x100 relay: Bryan (Jake Hausch, Corbin Garza, David Rummel, Alex Dolan) Lane 8

4x400 relay: Bryan (Evan Smith, John Garza, Logan Deel, Jake Hausch) Lane 1

DIVISION III State Track and Field Finals

110 hurdles: Dylan Snyder (Montpelier) Lane 3

100 meters: Bailey Storeholder (Delta) Lane 4

4x200 relay: Liberty Center(Logan McCullough, Zack Carpenter, Logan Smith, Alec Myers)  Lane 1,  Montpelier (Dylan Snyder, Sam Wang, Dallas Royer, Evan Friend) Lane 8

1600 meters: Olivia Kundo (Liberty Center)

400 meters: Dakota Stamm (Archbold) Lane 2.

400 meters:  Jack Fisher (Archbold) Lane 6.

300 hurdles: Dylan Snyder (Montpelier) Lane 4.

4x400 relay: Archbold (Julia Lambert, Emily Roth, Gwynne Riley, Dakota Stamm) Lane 5




State Track and Field meet DAY 1

Wauseon's Ethan Baker finishes sixth in Division II Shot-Put 55'5".

Bryan's Alex Dolan qualified for the DIvision II 100 meters
Bryan's 400 meter relay qualified for the Division II final.

LIberty Center's Ryan Demaline finishes third in Division III Shot Put 55' 2.5"

Swanton's Julia Smith finishes fourth in the Division III High Jump  5'5"

Montpelier's Dylan Snyder qualifies in Division III 110 and 300 hurdles final.
Delta's Bailey Storeholder qualifies for Division III 100 meter final.
Arcbhold's Jack Fisher quaifies for Division III 400 meter final. 
Arcbhold's Dakota Stamm qualifies for Division III 400 meter final.

Montpelier boys 4x200 & 4x100 relays qualify for Division III finals. 
Liberty Center qualifies for boys 4x200 relay in Division III final.
Arcbold girls 4x400 relay qualifies for the Division III final.

NWOALs Finest

Best of luck this week to the following 41 Athletes who will be participating at the State Track and Field Championships. REPRESENT!!!

Ethan Baker (Wauseon) 
Gunnar Oakes (Swanton) 
Alex Dolan (Bryan) 
Kyle Vernot (Wauseon) 
Jake Hausch (Bryan)
Corbin Garza (Bryan)
David Rummel (Bryan)
Evan Smith (Bryan)
John Garza (Bryan)
Logan Deel (Bryan)
Parker Harris (Bryan)
Simon Wang (Montpelier) 
Dallas Royer (Montpelier)
Evan Friend (Montpelier)
Logen McCullough (Liberty Center)
Zack Carpenter (Liberty Center)
Logan Smith (Liberty Center)
Alec Myers (Liberty Center)
Dylan Snyder (Montpelier) 
Bailey Storeholder (Delta) 
Jack Fisher (Archbold) 
Joel Studer (Liberty Center) 
Peyton Phillips (Delta) 
Ryan Demaline (Liberty Center)
Kallie Strauss (Wauseon)
Cheryl Davenport (Liberty Center)
Emma Babcock (Liberty Center)
Madison Atkinson (Liberty Center)
Olivia Kundo (Liberty Center)
Julia Smith (Swanton) 
Lexa Richardson (Archbold) 
Hope Scholma (Montpelier)
Hannah Blake (Montpellier)
McKenna Quaderer (Montpelier)
Jacqueline Carlson (Montpelier)
Dakota Stamm (Archbold) 
Gabby Cox (Montpelier)
Julia Lambert (Archbold)
Emily Roth (Archbold)
Gwynn Riley (Archbold)
Sydney Ranzau (Archbold)

Indians capture boys and girls ALL-SPORTS award

With the conclusion of the 2015-16  NWOAL sports season, Wauseon won the boys all-sports championship and Wauseon won the girls all-sports championship. 

            Final boys standings: Wauseon 67.5, Archbold 57.5, Liberty Center 52.5, Bryan 51, Swanton 43.5, Delta 40.5, Patrick Henry 29, Montpelier 26.5 and Evergreen 18.

            NWOAL boys fall team champions include Archbold (golf and soccer), Wauseon (cross country and co-champs football), and Swanton (co-champs football).  Winter team champions include Delta (wrestling) and bowling co-champions Bryan and Liberty Center  and basketball co-champions Archbold and Wauseon.  Spring team champions include Bryan (baseball) and Wauseon (track).

            Final girls standings: Wauseon 44, Archbold 43, Bryan 38, Delta 33.5, Liberty Center 33.5,Evergreen 32.5, Swanton 30.5, Patrick Henry 26 and Montpelier 19.

            NWOAL girls fall team champions include Swanton (soccer), Evergreen (volleyball) and Liberty Center (cross country).  Winter team champions include Bryan (bowling) and Evergreen (basketball).  Spring team champions include Archbold (softball) and Wauseon (track). 

All-League Baseball and Softball teams announced

The All-League Baseball and Softball teams can be view at the "Athlete Recognition" tab to the left. 

Archbold's softball, baseball seasons end

Congratulations to the Archbold baseball and softball teams for advancing to the regional finals. Both teams' seasons came to an end in the finals as the baseball team fell to Clear Fork 4-3 and the softball team lost a 2-1 battle to Milan Edison.

Division II Regionals Track and Field

Division II Regional Track and Field  @ DAYTON


Boys: Discus: 2.) Ethan Baker (Wauseon) 157’9”; Shot put: 4.) Ethan Baker (Wauseon) 50’6.5”; High jump: 1.) Gunnar Oakes (Swanton) 6’5”; Pole vault: 4.) Parker Harris (Bryan) 12'8"; 100 meters: 3.) Alex Dolan (Bryan) 11.41; 1600 meters: 4.) Kyle Vernot (Wauseon) 4:32.92; 4x100 relay: 3.) Bryan (Jake Hausch, Corbin Garza, David Rummel, Alex Dolan) 43.29; 4x400 relay: 3.) Bryan (Evan Smith, John Garza, Logan Deel, Jake Hausch) 3:25.82.


Boys: 4x800 relay: 5.) Wauseon (Aaron Beck, Christian Saurez, Caleb Blanchong, Kyle Vernot) 8:16.88; Long jump: 6.) Austin Bachman (Wauseon) 21’1.5”; 300 Hurdles: 7.) Seth Hutchison (Wauseon) 42.22; 200 meters: 5.) Alex Dolan (Bryan) 22.82; 3200 meters: 15.) Kyle Vernot (Wauseon) 11:07.09.

Division II Regional Track and Field @ DAYTON


Girls: Shot put: 4.) Kallie Strauss (Wauseon) 37’3.25”.

Streaks' Baseball advances to Regional Final!

The Archbold baseball team joined the Streaks' softball team advancing to the Regional Final with a 4-0 win over Elmwood. Archbold will now face Belleville Clear Fork on Friday, May 27.

A Team Selfie...  The Blue Streaks enjoy their regional semifinal win on the bus.

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The Montpelier Board of Education  and the NWOAL Principals Membership Announcement:

Montpelier will be joining the TAAC for football, the BBC for other sports, and remain in the NWOAL for wrestling. Montpelier will remain in NWOAL football in 2014 and the other sports through the 2015-16 school year (will continue in NWOAL wrestling).  Montpelier has been a charter member of the NWOAL since 1926.  Montpelier also was a founding member of the Buckeye  Border Conference (BBC) in 1967.


The NWOAL is commonly known as the oldest league in the state of Ohio.  We have hosted competitions in football, boys basketball and track and field since the 1926-27 school year. 

This site is intended to serve our member schools and communities as a source of information for our student athletes.  Initially, we will provide school websites, atheltic websites and schedules, league schedules and standings, and recognition of our accomplishments.  We will provide links that are commonly used for NWOAL recognition.  It is our goal to provide a history of league records from 1926. 

Please feel free to contact us

  • Commissioner: Ken D. BaumgartnerWauseon
  • Assistant Commissioner: William Steck, Delta
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Theresa Kuszmaul, Bryan
  • Publicist: Bill Bray, Wauseon
  • President: Bryan Skrzyniecki, Liberty Center High School Principal
  • Presiding Athletic Director: Pat Leupp, Liberty Center High School
  • Vice-President: Su Thorp, Montpelier High School Principal